International Project Management Championship 2015


The competition is for all full-time third level students who are interested in project business and management. A three to four person team takes part in the competition. Team members have to be enrolled and present full-time student in educational institutes approved valid to the competition. The competition itself consists of two separate parts: qualification round and the final.


In the qualification round the students take part in a web-based multiple-choice task in which there are a hundred (100) questions concerning project work, business and management. The website and the questions are in English language, hence the students need to have adequate English skills. Time to complete the questionnaire is 100 minutes. After qualification every team will receive a summary of their results and these are automatically  saved to our systems.


  • In case there will be two or more teams with the same best score, the team that has the fastest time, goes to the finals.
  • If there are still two or more teams with the same best score even after checking the time, the selection happens by lottery.
  • If some of the best team cannot join to Finals then next best team should have a place in national finals

Degree of difficulty

Questions in the qualification phase are similar to questions asked in the IPMA D-level certification examination. To be able to answer, contestants have to be able to cover ”soft” and ”hard” skill areas properly. The web platform and questions are in English therefore the participants are expected to have reasonable skills in English.


The national final competitions will be organized different time in each country by the local Young Crews. Style of finals might also differ little bit so it is very important that all participants read national infos.

Usually finals are like this…

The final will be implemented by one real life case-task: The case problem created by a partner organization. This problem will be related to project and/or project organization leadership. The problem situation will not be clear and solving this task will require in depth analysis and skills to adapt existing knowledge. Time for the task will be limited approximately to 4 hours after which the team will present their solution to the jury. The presentation should take 15 minutes.

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