Insightful panel ”Meet the Editors” at the 12th IPMA Research Conference

 Prof. Vladimir Obradović, the Editor in Chief of the European Project Management Journal, introduced the journal during the panel “Meet the Editors” at the 12th IPMA Research Conference “Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Project Management”. He emphasised the importance of research in the field of project management for the further advancement of professional practice and the academic community. He highlighted that the EPMJ plays a crucial role in promoting innovative methods, best practices, and theoretical discussions in the field of project management.
During the discussion, the editors elaborated on crucial aspects of incorporating AI into project management research and publishing.
The panel gathered distinguished editors – Martina Huemann (International Journal of Project Management and Project Leadership and Society), Young Hoon KWAK (Journal of Management in Engineering), Mirosław Skibniewski (Frontiers of Engineering Management), Cecil Chua (Project Management Journal), Nathalie Drouin (International Journal of Managing Projects in Business), Mladen Vukomanović (Organization, Technology and Management in Construction: an International Journal), and Vladimir Obradović (European Project Management Journal).
Editors discussed the acceptance of AI-related papers and their relevance to journal objectives. Also, panelist explored the use of AI in writing academic papers, addressing ethical considerations and guidelines. The role of AI in data collection and analysis was debated, focusing on its impact on research methodologies. The emergence of AI as both author and reviewer raised questions about authenticity and human-AI collaboration.