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2024 European Project Management Journal

vol. 14 / issue 1 – Table of contents

Assessing Factors Influencing Stakeholder Engagement on Construction Projects
Monwabisi Siwakhile Xegwana, Andrew Geoffrey Herron, Farai Nyika

Empirical Investigation of Interface Management and its Sway in the Construction Project – Evidence from India
Vijayabanu Chidambram, Rathinakumar Vedachalam, Januppriya Govindhan

How User Requirements Affect the Success of an Enterprise System Implementation Project?
Laura Fink, Ajda Fošner, Andrej Dobrovoljc, Tomaž Poznič

Increasing Consistency, Traceability and Transparency in Data Science Projects: Analysis and Framework
David J. Wolf, Adrian Specker

Measuring Culture in Projects: Scale Development and Validation in a Sample of Turkish
Ömür Benek, Selim Yazici

2023 European Project Management Journal

vol. 13 / issue 2 – Table of contents

The Impact of Leader-Leader Exchange on Project Success in Non-profit Organisations
Amin Saidoun, Constanta-Nicoleta Bodea, Mladen Radujković

Organizational and Pedagogical Conditions for Transition to Project Management of a Preschool Educational Organization
Olga V. Pustovoitova, Natalia A. Shepilova, Darya P. Kurnikova, Larisa A. Yakovleva

Using of Digital Applications to Transform Project Management Processes and Manage Data in the Oil and Gas Industry
Timur Omarov, Gulnura Taikulakova

Exploring the Relationship Among Dimensions of Human Resource Flexibility on Employee Engagement
Komal Goyal, Ashutosh Nigam, Neha Goyal

A Systematic Literature Review of Industry 4.0 and Project Management
Rebeka D. Vlahov Golomejić, Tena Obradović Posinković

Analysis of Research and Development Performance Indicators of the European Union and Serbia
Radojko Lukić

2023 European Project Management Journal

vol. 13 / issue 1 – Table of contents

Construction Project Crashing with Uncertain Correlated Normal and Crash Task Durations and Costs: An Integrated Stochastic Practical Approach
D. D. Kantianis

Agile Software Development in a Remotely Working Geographically Distributed Team: A Systematic Review
O. Bogolii

Exploring the Importance of Consumer Engagement for Successful Sports Club Project
Ž. Marčinko Trkulja, J. Dlačić, D. Primorac

Development of Infrastructure to Support the National Technological Initiative: The Case of the Russian Federation
I. V. Nikolaeva, T. A. Struchkova, N. Yu. Ivanov, M. P. Tsynzak

Perspectives of Project Management Sustainability in the Society 5.0 Context: Moving Forward Towards Human-Centricity
V. Tornjanski, S. Knežević, B. Vulević

Project Performance in the Global Construction Industry during the Covid-19 Era
E. L. Chukwu, U. M. Zubairu

2022 European Project Management Journal

vol. 12 / issue 2 – Table of contents

Developing Organizational Context Adjustments in Project-based Organizations
A. Bucero, R. Alonderienė

Team Member Voluntary Turnover, Introduction of New Members and Project Performance
V. Wickramasinghe, H. Pathirana

Role of Governmental Regulatory Controlling Procedures between Political Hazards and Risk Management
M. A. Rehman, M. S. B. Ishak

An In-depth Analysis of the Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Project Delays, Disruptions and Completion – The Case of Botswana
L. L. Mweetwa, E. M. Mwanaumo

Project Management Office in the Public Sector: A Conceptual Roadmaps
V. Obradovic

Entropy and Project Management
J. Ram

2022 European Project Management Journal

vol. 12 / issue 1 – Table of contents

The Role of Small Projects in Local Economic Development
A. A. M. Akhmaaj, M. O.  M. Sharif , N. A. A. Farhat

The Role of Budgeting Systems on Successful Project Execution at a Selected Government Department in the Cape Metropolis
X. Mkuhlana, L. E. Jowah

Evaluation of Construction Contract Management in the Nigerian Construction Industry
O. H. Emeka

The Role of Culture in Managing Open Innovation Projects within Regional Clusters
A. Galiulina, S. Touate

The Importance of Top Management Support to Donor Funded Health Projects
J. O. Mobegi, P. Sang, R. James

The Research of Behavioral Project Management Competencies
S. Stojiljković

2021 European Project Management Journal

vol. 11 / issue 2 – Table of contents

Embedding the Principles and Practices of DevOps into the IT Education
T. Yemane, J. Mihajlović Milićević, M. Radenković

The COVID-19 Crisis Management as the Management of a Project. Lessons Learned in Spain
F. Muñoz-Villalba

Success Factors of ICT Projects in Digital Transformation
F. Lang, T. L. Müller

Application of the Scrum Framework on Projects in IT Sector
B. Grebić, A. Stojanović

Is it the Time for “Change Management” to Change?
Dr J. Ram

2021 is International Year of Responsible Project Management
Dr Karen Thompson, Dr Nigel Williams

vol. 11 / issue 1 – Table of contents

Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Project Team Creativity with Mediating Role of Project Team Prudence and Project Team Virtue
Hasan Ali, Ubaid ur Rehman

Agile Project Management as an Answer to Changing Environment
Suzana Balaban, Jasmina Đurašković

Project of ISMS Implementation in Organization – Aspects and Practical Experiences
Radoslav Raković

Innovation in the EU: Economic and Legal Aspect
Milica Stanković, Danijela Glušac

The Specificities of Human Resource Management in Project Management
Jelena Ilić

The Role of Program Management in the Smart Cities Development Process
Marija Todorović, Jelena Vojvodić

2020 European Project Management Journal

vol. 10 / issue 2 – Table of contents

Word from the editor

Multi-Project Management in the Corona Crisis
Claus Hüsselmann, Paul Golfels

Risk as a Factor of Decision Making in Projects Financing of Infrastructure Projects
Jelena Jovanović, Marija Mosurović, Ivana Berić

The Impact of Overheads Variation on Time-Cost Optimisation of Building Infrastructure Projects
Dimitrios D. Kantianis

Work Absenteeism Management in Project-Oriented Organizations
Anđela Lipovac

Barriers to Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM) Adoption on Construction Projects
Benedict Amade, Abiola A. Adeyomo, Achimba C. Ogbonna, Ogaga L. Okore, Ihuoma D. Okwara

Analysis of Project Success in the Function of Knowledge Management in Project Organizations
Nevena Mihajlović, Marina Apostolovska

Digitalization of Special Events Projects during the Crisis
Jana Jovanović

The Impact of Projects and Project Management will Increase
Joop Schefferlie

vol. 10 / issue 1 – Table of contents

Word from the editor

We Are All Going to Build the Future: A Message from the IPMA President
Jesus Martinez Almela

An Empirical Study of Top Management Engagement in Total Quality Management:
A Case of Pakistan’s Construction Industry

Muhammad Irfan, Shafi Ullah, Maha Nadeem

Construction Project Management in a Developing Economy: Consultants Perception of Challenges and Solutions in Nigeria
Chris Chukwuji, Hyginus Opara, Reuben Okereke

Factors Affecting Water Reticulation Project Delivery in Okigwe Zone Imo State, Nigeria: An Empirical Perspective
Joy Okwuchi Chizitere Oguzie, Gregory Enyinnaya, Peter Paul Chukwuemezie Njoku

The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Real Estate Market Development Projects
Marina Jovanović-Milenković, Ana Đurković, Darko Vučetić, Borko Drašković

A New Method for Project Ranking Based on Risk Management and Multicriteria Approach
Mahdi Nakhaeinejad

Reinventing Universities: Agile Project Management in Higher Education
Pavle Ivetić, Jovana Ilić

Management Education and Sustainable Development Projects
Bojana Ostojić, Ivana Berić, Katarina Pavlović, Milutin Pećić

2019 European Project Management Journal

vol. 9 / issue 2 – Table of contents

Word from the editor

A Comparative Nexus Of Impact Assessment Of Filling Station Construction Projects On Environmental Sustainability In Owerri, Imo State: An Empirical Perspective
Joy Okwuchi Chizitere Oguzie, Peter Paul Chiemezie Njoku, Ulari Sylvia Onwuka

Factors Constraining The Application Of Lessons Learned On Construction Projects In Nigeria
Benedict Amade, Precious Keinpirima Iringe-Koko

Application Of Event Chain Methodology In Schedule Risk Analysis
Goran Avlijaš, Miljan Radunović

Strategic Planning In Correlation With Internal Audit
Jelena Bošnjak

Competences For The Future: A Comparative Analysis Of Agile Certifications
Alessandra Montenegro

Traditional Vs Agile Project Management In The Service Sector
Bojan Grebić

The Power Of Transnational Projects
Barbara Cvjetan

Integrated Concept Of Strategic Management As A Tool For Effective Technology Transfer In R&D Organisations
Marija Mosurović Ružičić, Vladimir Obradović, Marina Dobrota

vol. 9 / issue 1 – Table of contents

Word from the editor

Banking Product and Services Development Projects: The Way to Implement Innovations
Ivana Simonović, Marija Todorović

Sustainable Project Management and the Role of Integrated Communications (IC)
Marcus Stumpf, Manfred Brandstätter and Jana Borghoff

Project Management as an Area of Theoretical and Empirical Considerations in Poland on the Example of the Project Master Competition
Joanna Rzempała and Hanna Soroka-Potrzebna

Project Success and Project Team Individuals
Thomas Rogers

Project Success and Project Team Individuals Human Resource Management in Project Management: Ideas at the Cusp
Ravikiran Dwivedula

The Implementation of Agile Project Management in the Fast Fashion Industry
Aleksandra Atanacković

Scrum Agile Framework in E-business Project Management: An Approach to Teaching Scrum
Jelena Mihajlović Milićević, Filip Filipović, Ivan Jezdović, Tamara Naumović and Miloš Radenković

Technologies are not Enough to Make a City Smart
Reinhard Wagner


2018 European Project Management Journal

(continues: Serbian Project Management Journal)

vol. 8 / issue 2 – Table of contents

Word from the editor

People-Oriented Principles and Values of Agile Project Management
Marija Todorovic, Danijela Toljaga-Nikolic, Dragan Bjelica

Designing Augmented Reality Services for E-Business: A Project Management Perspective
Talib Tahirovic, Tamara Naumovic, Lazar Živojinovic, Zorica Bogdanovic, Marijana Despotović-Zrakic

A Project Management Approach to E-Health Marketing Campaigns
Artur Bjelica, Vuk Rakočevic, Branka Rodic, Radmila Janicic, Marina Jovanovic Milenkovic

Augmented Reality and Internet of Things – Implementation in Projects by Using Simplified Robotic Models
Zorica Dodevska, Vladimir Kvrgić, Velimir Stavljanin

Application of the FMEA Technique in a Project Risk Analysis
Danijela Toljaga-Nikolic, Marija Todorovic, Dragan Bjelica

Exploring the Impact of Intellectual Capital Components on Project Performance
Nela Milosevic, Marina Dobrota, Sladjana Barjaktarovic Rakočevic

Contemporary Trends in the Public Sector Project Management
Vladimir Obradovic

Second Life: Why Does It Matter in Project Management?
Jiwat Ram

vol. 8 / issue 1 – Table of contents

Word from the editor

In Memoriam – prof. dr Petar Jovanović

Digital Era and Project Manager’s Competences
Vladimir Obradovic, Alessandra Montenegro, Dragan Bjelica

Project-Driven Heterarchy: An Empirical Study on Project Teams’ Learning Abilities and Creativity
J. M. Lichtarski

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies in Project Management: What Can We Expect?
Z. Dodevska, M. Mihic

Oracle Methodologies for Managing Business Solution Projects
A. Wild Ali

Integration of Health, Safety and Environmental Principles into Industrial Project Management
E. Kozhovska

Application of Project Management Control Mechanisms in Construction Projects: A Case of Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
C. Ogbonna, B. Amade, C. N. Ononuju, I. C. Nwakanma, D. I. Okwara, C. J. Erifesi

Project Management in the Implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
I. Todorović, S. Komazec, Đ. Krivokapić, D. Krivokapić

Agile Transformation in Clinical Research
K. Pavlović, I. Berić, Lj. Berezljev

2017 European Project Management Journal

(continues: Serbian Project Management Journal)

Word from the editor

vol. 7 / issue 2

Table of contents

Application of Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) in Road Construction Projects in Nigeria
Onifade Morakinyo Kehinde, Oluwaseyi Joseph Afolabi, Ajuwon Babawale

Managing the Project of Forming a Regional Football League
Tamara Tomović, Marko Mihić

Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development Goals
Nataša Petrović, Ivan Bošnjak, Sandra Nedeljković

Challenges of Agile Practices Implementation in the Medical Device Software Development Methodologies
Miloš Kostić

Web Based Project Management Competences and Project Performances
Dragan Bjelica, Marko Mihić, Dejan Petrović

Application of Project Management in Creative Industry
Dejan Petrović, Vesna Milićević, Adam Sofronijević

Youth Unemployment in Serbia: Strategic Framework, Analysis and Perspectives
Dejana Pavlović, Mihajlo Đukić, Duško Bodroža

Review of Contemporary Methodologies for Managing International Development Projects
Ivona Mandić

vol. 7 / issue 1

Table of contents 

Evaluation of the Effect of Project Management Techniques on Road Construction Projects in Nigeria
O.M. Kehinde, O.J. Afolabi, I.A. Omogbolahan

Modelling of Knowledge Management Factors in Project Organizations
Ivan Jovanović, Nenad Milijić, Anđelka Stojanović

The Impact of Social Media in Achieving Effective Communication in Construction Project Delivery
Benedict Amade

Emerging Economies Development: Brics Vs East European Countries
Sandra Jednak

A Project Management Approach to a Highway Construction in Montenegro
Sanja Međedović, Michael Ellis

Comparative Analysis of Agile Methods for Managing Software Projects
Petar Bogojević

Free Cash Flow Valuation Model in Capital Budgeting
Ivana Bešlić Rupić, Dragana Bešlić Obradović, Bojan Rupić

The Impact of Strategic Management and Strategic Thinking Approaches on Business Performance of Companies Operating in the Retail Industry
Miloš Lončar


Vol. 6 / Issue 2 Serbian Project Management Journal

Vol. 6 / Issue 1 Serbian Project Management Journal


Vol. 5 / Issue 2 Serbian Project Management Journal

Vol. 5 / Issue 1 Serbian Project Management Journal


Vol. 4 / Issue 2 Serbian Project Management Journal

Vol. 4 / Issue 1 Serbian Project Management Journal


Vol. 3 / Issue 2 Serbian Project Management Journal

Vol. 3 / Issue 1 Serbian Project Management Journal


Vol. 2 / Issue 2 Serbian Project Management Journal

Vol. 2 / Issue 1 Serbian Project Management Journal


Vol. 1 / Issue 2 Serbian Project Management Journal

Vol. 1 / Issue 1 Serbian Project Management Journal

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