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Assessing Factors Influencing Stakeholder Engagement on Construction Projects

2024, Volume 14, Issue 1


Monwabisi Siwakhile Xegwana, Andrew Geoffrey Herron, Farai Nyika
MANCOSA, Durban, South Africa


Public housing projects in South Africa often face challenges, leading to community frustration and protests. This study aims to investigate the issue of insufficient stakeholder engagement in construction projects within a KwaZulu-Natal municipality. Through a quantitative approach involving descriptive research and probability sampling, this research uncovers factors that hinder stakeholder involvement. By examining the relationship between key stakeholders and project flexibility, we aim to identify strategies that enhance commitment and success in construction initiatives. The results of the study revealed a lack of transparent communication between the municipality and the public about projects due to weak stakeholder participation and consultation in the early stages of the project. These results contribute to existing knowledge and lead to practical recommendations. The study recommends that municipalities should improve current communication practices as involving the community at an early stage is a strong determinant for the project’s success.

Pages: 3-10
How to cite this article:
Xegwana, M. S., Herron, A. G., & Nyika, F. (2024). Assessing Factors Influencing Stakeholder Engagement on Construction Projects. European Project Management Journal, 14(1): 3-10. DOI: 10.56889/bahg8598
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