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Developing Organizational Context Adjustments in Project-based Organizations

2022, Volume 12, Issue 2


Alfonso Bucero
ISM PhD student, Madrid, Spain

Raimonda Alonderienė
ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius, Lithuania


We found several publications on project-based organizations (PBOs) in the project management literature, but only a few deals with projects’ mutual adjustment and organizational context. This research uses a qualitative methodology to develop a paradigm for organizational context–project adaptations in project-based organizations. The framework defines PBOs’ activities to establish their organizational context, modify processes, and create relationships to help and support the project’s needs. We used a representative sampling approach where cross-sectional, semi-structured interviews interviewed twenty-six highly experienced senior project management experts. Our findings, organized according to the blocks we used to categorize the organizational context literature: culture, strategy, structure, processes, power dynamics, state/condition, and time, provide practitioners with a background to shape their project context and academics with a basis for further theorizing.

Pages: 3-23
How to cite this article:
Wickramasinghe, V., & Pathirana, H. (2022). Team Member Voluntary Turnover, Introduction of New Members and Project Performance. European Project Management Journal, 12(2): 24-33. DOI: 10.56889/neqw6601
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